FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

What are the feet for?

1. The feet are used to place the tray vertically as a decorative object, it is then placed like a bottle of wine.

2. The feet are also used to place the tray horizontally on the table to allow the glasses to be removed! Without the feet, the glasses would rub on the tray, so you could not put them there easily.

How to insert the feet?

The graphics on the front of the box show you in which hole to put each foot, it is interesting to respect both the vertical and horizontal engraving in order to do things properly.

The most important thing in order not to do anything stupid is first of all and as often, to work calmly. Make sure that the two concavities (that of the foot and that of the hole in the plate) are against each other, well in contact, before rotating the foot 90 ° to fix.

Do not be afraid if there is a little noise, the material can move a little depending on the ambient and storage temperatures, your handling will be sometimes very fluid and easy, sometimes a little more resistant but in all cases, it must work! Try at your ease to tame the TRAYUS!

We recommend not to allow this installation to be done by a child who could use his butcher and choke on his feet, if however, the assembly had to be done by the aforesaid child, we strongly recommend that this be done under the supervision of a parent or an adult.

Can 100% of the glasses fit into the TRAYUS?

No, just the ones say "Normal" with a convex / rounded base - Like most wine glasses or champagne flutes, if your glasses have a cubic base or with specific flourishes, this could be a problem.

Can I come to you with my glasses to be sure that they will fit perfectly in the TRAYUS?

Yes, by appointment only via our email: info@cncdesign.be

I read some weird comments on some of your social media posts, for example, that you would measure gel in your glasses to make some of your ads come alive?

These comments amuse us and sometimes certain "Boomerang" type ads give this impression, we cannot deny it, nevertheless remains that all our communication is clean and transparent and that no special effects of any kind have already been considered or practiced to deceive the consumer, our advertisements are therefore 100% true from A to Z and without any special effects.

What is the tolerance of my left / right movements once the glasses have been transported?

We evaluate it at 35 ° on both sides, so you can really get pushed around, that we would not spill your glasses again.

Is it a plastic object?

No, the TRAYUS is designed in a noble material, acrylic, other synonyms are also: PMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate) or plexiglass.